In Memory Of Fay Gibbons
December 23, 1921 - May 25, 2017
Memorial Donations May Be Made To:
The Tailwind Aviation Foundation
2500 Southwest Aviation Street
Bentonville, AR 72712

Dad was a big part of the founding of the Tailwind Foundation back in 2004. He, along with Becca's father, Jim, encouraged me and helped me financially as I worked to become a pilot. Their support gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life, the gift of flight. I'm forever grateful to them both. The Tailwind Foundation was founded to pass forward to pilots the encouragement they showed me.

I first flew with dad in the mid-60's. I was probably eight or nine years old and stood in the baggage compartment of the Cessna 150, holding on to the seat backs, while he took lessons. Later we traveled in his Cessna 172 to Hot Springs and Atlanta, and he was able to fly for a few hundred hours before he lost his medical, but he never lost his love for aviation or, later, his pride in me as a pilot.

My family truly appreciates you showing your love for dad by making a donation to the Tailwind Foundation. Through his inspriation the gift of flight continues.

- Chip -

About the
Tailwind Aviation Foundation

The Tailwind Foundation is an Arkansas based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization which focuses on aviation projects in and around Northwest Arkansas. Some of our projects may extend beyond our immediate area, but our intent is to concentrate our resources on a manageable geographic area.

Employer Identification Number: 20-1251187

IRS Tax Exempt ID Number: 31954

  • May 2004


    In May of 2004 The Tailwind Aviation Foundation was incorporated in the state of Arkansas. [documents]

  • June 2005

    501(c)(3) Status

    In June of 2005 the IRS granted us exemption from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3). [documents]

  • 2005 - 2012

    The Scholarship Project

    During this period the Tailwind Foundation granted nearly $20,000 in aviation scholarships. [project information]

  • August 2014

    New Ideas!

    After a hiatus of a couple of years, a group of aviators decided to breathe new life into the foundation and filed for a renewal of the organization's tax exempt status. [See what we're working on]

  • November 2014

    IRS renews tax exempt status

    In 2014 the Tailwind Foundation applied for and received a renewal of our tax exempt status. [documents]


Tailwind a "project focused" foundation, each project running for a specific length of time. Our emphasis is on projects that create an enriched experience/learning environment for pilots at all levels.

Current Projects

The Stearman Accessibility Project

Making a ride in an iconic biplane a reality for those who thought they would never fly again.

The Airfield Guide

Cataloging information about little known airfields and making those resources easily accessible.

Take Off For Kids

Take Off for Kids (TOFK) is an annual fundraising event created in 2011 to support charitable organizations focusing on children in Northwest Arkansas.

Pending Projects

The RAF Fire Hub Project

Supporting the effort to locate an RAF fire hub at the Bentonville, AR airport (KVBT).

The Outdoor Pilot Lounge

Turning a liability into an asset at a local airport.

Completed Projects

The NavChallenge

Promoting safety by organizing educational flying events.

The Scholarship Project

The foundations first project was a successful effort to award local student pilots with scholarships.

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